28 Oct 2012

Reasons Why I Unfriended You

There are no words to describe what it feels like to do a Facebook “friend dump.” My bffl Samantha and I have agreed that unfriending people on Facebook is rejuvenating and feels like you are taking some weight off of you – weight that just doesn’t need to be there. I’d like to begin this post first off by saying that any Facebook deletion I have ever done has not been personal. In fact, it is mutually beneficial. I’ve reached a point where your newsfeed posts no longer affect me and if anything, I’m doing you a favor as well by saving you space on your newsfeed from my own posts. I do, however, have friends that have THOUSANDS of friends – and I’m just like …

Seriously though – you cannot honestly care to read every single one of those posts. Also, I dare you to try and tell me that every “friend” you have is a friend you genuinely care about. Let’s just be real with ourselves here. Tell me the last time you talked to them.

So I did a massive “friend dump” last month and while each deletion sort of meant that I was shutting you out of my internet life, it also said to myself (hey, even though I’m not going to know what you’re doing 24/7 and vice versa, I wish you well!”

Here are the top reasons why we are no longer Facebook friends:

  1. We met once. We talked once. You decided to add me on Facebook and I decided that enough time has passed that I was probably never ever going to see you again.
  2. You didn’t say Happy Birthday to me.
  3. Just kidding – really – I didn’t say Happy Birthday to you. Why are we friends again?!
  4. I didn’t see any reason why you would care about what I had on my Facebook anymore.
  5. The last time I talked to you was in elementary school.
  6. The last time I talked to you was in middle school.
  7. You posted a status that was racist or overly offensive. It was so severe that it could’ve been found on Buzzfeed’s shaming list and god forbid if anyone had seen that on MY newsfeed, it would have been embarrassing. We can’t have that.

We are no longer Facebook friends anymore. It doesn’t mean I am a bad person. If this had been real life, it would be no different – it is simply just a natural stage in life. It only feels hurts at first because you find that when you have been deleted, things are now hidden. This feeling will pass. It happens to all of us.


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