A Shoutout To Parents

Is there a Parents Appreciation Day? When is it?

Because I don’t know when it is, I’m going to just dedicate a post this evening to lovely parents all over the world. I used to feel a little self-conscious when I learned that both of my parents were reading Yow Yow! on a daily basis. I think I was terrified that they might think I was a complete weirdo, but it seemed silly to me to believe that I could be self conscious in front of people I’ve known my whole life as opposed to…all of you.

The parentals are great supporters of Yow Yow! and I appreciate it every time they decide to give me some sort of feedback on my posts or when I come across something that completely reminds me of them and I post it just because I know their going to see it.

Hi Mom and Dad,

I came across this post tonight called 27 Signs Your Parents Were Amazing and you actually did some of these things! So thanks for that!


17. They never did this to you:

1) This is not a picture of me.

2) Yes, I too, am afraid of clowns – who isn’t?!


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