Written by Katie
27 Nov 2012

American Hipster

Created by three Seattle natives, American Hipster is a web series that tells the story of how hipsters are living in this nation in the most hipster cities including (hi. home.) Seattle, Philly, San Francisco, New York and several  others. Each episode focuses on a different aspect of the hipster culture and the ones on Seattle could not speak more truly about this wonderful city.

I went to a private school that just happened to be in a very hipster neighborhood so over the last four years, I heard some backlash naturally. Let me just tell you that I’ve never loved a city more. I’ve never enjoyed living in a neighborhood more than I did in this one. The neighborhood didn’t help me figure out what my passions were. I did that back in high school bro. This neighborhood helped my passions explode – in everything that I did, all over the sidewalks, in every club and event that I participated in and most definitely on Yow Yow!

Watching former One Reel employee Kayte Olsufka invite viewers into her Bumbershoot experience was tough. After all, that was the career that I always wanted for myself. It is the best reflection of what Bumbershoot means to me though and what it means to the attendees that continue to show up to the music and arts festival year after year. My favorite segments are below:

Bumbershoot Attendee since 2006

Linda’s and Oddfellows are two of my favorite Capitol Hill spots.

To watch the entire American Hipster series, click here.


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