Real World Cast Members Then And Now: A Guide

So what is life like after The Real World? After a whole season of partying, scandals, hook-ups and just being real, it’s hard to believe that anyone can really live normally without the cameras for awhile. But it happens. The weirdness you had in your life and all the mistakes you made documented in a television series will be forgotten…when a new season comes out and it is 10x more racy than your season!

Every time I watch new seasons of The Real World, I was look back and reminisce on how some of my favorite characters are doing. The series started back in the early 90’s and those cast members are OLD now. Old enough to have families anyways! That’s old. And I’m curious about what they’re doing these days just like the rest of the world. Luckily Daily News has provided me with a solid guide.

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One thought on “Real World Cast Members Then And Now: A Guide

  1. Posky says:

    It is exceptionally weird to think about the people that were on some of the early shows. Jesus, we’re all aging so much faster than I realize.


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