29 Nov 2012

Beauty For Breakfast Pt. 9

It’s been awhile since we’ve had one of these posts – probably since the spring, I believe! That’s because truthfully, I don’t use too many products. Now that I’m a working girl, my day to night routine has changed significantly. When I was in school, I needed to look appropriate for the entire day because I never knew who I would see or what meeting I would have or who I wanted to run into. Yes, that’s right, sometimes I just want to look good for the right person. You do it too!

However, in a work environment, you get lazy. I know I’m not the only one here who believes that. Maybe you’ve decided that there’s no one at work worth impressing or looking good for. Maybe you realized that you’re in a cubicle all day long so what’s the point of going that extra step to put on mascara. There isn’t. I’ve stopped. Mascara is for weekends out and I’m okay with that.

I wanted to bring back Beauty for Breakfast though because they were so well received when I had them. My products haven’t changed that much, but there has been some recent additions to the routines so I thought I would share!

Product: Yardley London Oatmeal & Almond Bar Soap

Been Using It For: Almost 6 months

How Did I Find It: I am notorious for stealing (or what I like to call borrowing) my mother’s clothes, shoes, and accessories. So it’s really no surprise that I stumbled upon Yardley the same way. I found the soap while digging through her bathroom over the summer in its full package and having never been used. I needed a bar of soap so logical thinking kicked in and I snatched it. It is the best smelling bar of soap I have ever had and I will never let it go. I’ve been using it ever since and there’s something about the oatmeal pieces in it that make the scrub that much more effective. I’ve loved oatmeal in products ever since I had the chicken box. Remember those oatmeal baths? Yeah after that, I still took them because oatmeal is one of those secret ingredients that naturally moisturizes your skins and makes it super soft and in this case – smelling awesome.

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  1. I was getting hungry reading and looking at the picture. Pleasure is so visual, at least the initial impression, then wisdom draws the map.

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