Welcome to the New MySpace



I just received my invite to the new MySpace! Should I go through with it? Readers, what do you think?

Let’s pro/con this ish:


  • Justin Timberlake’s name is all over this
  • The new sleek interface
  • The focus on music



  • No one I know is on it
  • Creating an account right now takes too much time
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One thought on “Welcome to the New MySpace

  1. Jovan Jović says:

    I think you should. It’s really fun by looking to other people’s review’s. If you do, can you please send me an invite? I want to test it too since I’m a big fan of MySpace. Here’s the pic that shows you where you can do it http://www.techau.tv/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/image25.png
    And my email is joca-5@hotmail.com
    I would really appreciate if you send me an invite for the new myspace.

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