How A Year in New York Will Change You

I have so much admiration for people that can pick up and leave – move away from their home and into a new city. That ish is hard; not that I would know, but … going through college and meeting people in my workplaces, I’ve realized that pretty much everyone around me has done it. Except me. I’ve also decided that someday it will be me. I think about my future – about who will become my new circle of friends, how I will adapt to the weather, but most of all how this will change my style.

Even in the last six months my style has completely changed! From Space Girl to working professional. Adult lyfe. What I would  give to be Space Girl once again. The magazines will tell you that it’s the trends that change your style, but I believe that it’s the experience.

Today, Sartorialist Scott Schuman posted on his blog this amazing transformation of Kara. The first photograph was when Kara was very new to the city and the second is today – one year after.

photo mashup cred | Doobybrain
photo cred | The Sartorialist
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One thought on “How A Year in New York Will Change You

  1. bonkasaurus says:

    You look stunning! you look like a young woman. Can I drink some of that New York water?

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