The Weekend: 5 Things

1. Homeland

It is amazing how quickly I have ramped up on this addictive television series. This past weekend, I managed to get Samantha to watch one episode with me and three with my family. However, they got to episode 7  ALL ON THEIR OWN.

2.  The Coming Jobs War

I’m reading again. Are you surprised? I am! Remember how I told you that it was difficult for me to ever finish a book because I’ve been blogging for the last four years? I only got through the intro this weekend and while it actually is an interesting read, I’m nervous that I may not be able to finish it in time for my book club meeting.


3. Becoming an adult

A diploma isn’t the only thing that I’m taking out of my experience from Seattle University. Oh yes, the 6-month grace period has ended and I believe that after taking the necessary actions, I am now officially an adult.


4. Silence & Noise Laser Beam Dress

The New Years Eve dress has been purchased! My parents are going to hate this, but after much deliberation, this is the dress that I will be ringing 2013. I wanted the cutouts, but I’ll opt for safe cutouts and mesh. This makes it seem a lot less scandalized anyways. And of course, I stuck to the black, which is what I wanted all along.

I’m also happy to announce that I am more than halfway done with my Christmas shopping and survived the mall today. I’m not going back.

5. Panda Express

Kevin and I ended our night with a very heavy food coma. Why do we succumb to these guilty pleasures?


*On another note, I caught up with many many friends this weekend that I have not seen in a very long time and that is the best feeling ever and the best gift I have received so far during this holiday.

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