27 Dec 2012


Over an accounting study sesh with my friend Alexis one night back in college, we came up with this idea to start a speed dating service for students at our university. HOBviously, this idea never took off, but it was interesting enough at the time for us to come up with a name for it. “More for the Win.” Other than that name, we basically had nothing other than a problem that we wanted to solve. Attending a small university can make it difficult to meet other people sometimes and when you start getting accepted into your respective schools, the only people you see are the ones in your classes. You have all of the same classes with the same people – also did I mention the disappointing gender ratio? 40% male to 60% female.


So when I stumbled across a post this morning called “Date My School” – deemed sort of like a speed dating service for university students, I perked up!

DateMySchool is available to current students, grad students, and alumni and to eliminate all sketchy people, you have to have a university email address in order to be verified. You never know who you’ll meet online so I’m glad that this is a requirement and weeds out the people that maybe don’t belong in this type of service.

I’ve always been a little bit hesitant about the idea of online dating mostly because it never really seemed like a sure thing. However, one in five couples have met online…and these days it seems to be pretty popular. I’m intrigued by this idea – not for myself, but about the idea in general. Learn more about DateMySchool and while you’re at it, check out Grouper! They’re also fairly new and something that I was interested in.


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