Year: 2012

25 Dec 2012


Merry Christmas readers!

I hope you’re all enjoying your time off with friends and family today. Thank you for yet another amazing year with Yow Yow! Now go forth and do something wonderful.

Video by Dallas Clayton


24 Dec 2012

Wedding Monday’s

Just because it is Christmas Eve doesn’t mean we stop doing what we do over here at Yow Yow!

Another gorgeous Santa Barbara wedding for you!

23 Dec 2012

Katie’s Favorites of 2012

Favorite Style Icon: Taylor Swift

T. Swift has seriously stepped her game in 2012. Yes, she’s still sticking to the neutral colored dresses – but hey! That’s okay. It works for her. Taylor Swift is really just doing all the right things when it comes to her style these days and it helps that there are a handful of fabulous designers throwing their pieces at her. It’s awesome. I, of course, am jealous.

Runner Up: Michelle Obama / Kate Middleton

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23 Dec 2012

Happy Birthday!


Happy 4th Birthday Yow Yow!

Today you are as old as a pre-schooler and I am the proudest parent I have ever been of a fake child and a blog. Together, we have come a long way. We stuck together through college and now you’re still by my side as I learn what it really means to be an adult in the post grad life.

I am very fortunate for the opportunities that have been given to me through this blog and I would like to thank everyone that has collaborated with Yow Yow and still continues to be a reader to this blog. You’re all really the ones that allow me to stay motivated to keep writing.

Thank you very much for letting me do what I enjoy most.

23 Dec 2012

Thought Catalog Roundup

23 Dec 2012

Song of the Day

Freelance Whales – Aeolus

I haven’t been paying as much attention to the most recent Freelance Whales’ album as I should’ve and I’m kind of regretting it. Their first album was one of my favorites, but with Spotify I typically tend to focus more on tracks than albums as a whole. Luckily for me, Amazon has been using this song for the new Kindle Fire commercial and that’s what brought them back on my radar again!

22 Dec 2012

Blogger Schedule



Good morning readers!!

I hope you are all having a lovely start to your Saturday! My own personal winter break is just around the corner and with that I’ve gotta take a little break from Yow Yow. Now, I know I always say that I never take breaks and that missing one day is detrimental to all of the news that will be going on, but this blogger needs some quality time away from the work. You may see occasional posts from me on the following days, but you may not so I just want to set that expectation right off the bat!

Christmas Eve and Christmas – I will be off and from the 29th to January 1st  I will be off adventuring! And all those days in between – posts will be sparse.

However, I will still be connected in other ways!

21 Dec 2012

What We’d Wear To Ring In The New Year 2012

With the holiday parties coming in before New Year’s Eve, we often times forget about what we’re going to wear to the big event. Well, we either forget or it turns out to be a last minute buy and for an event this big, it deserves our attention doesn’t it. Who am I kidding? Even this post is a little bit late because you’re going to be a little bit scrapped for time purchasing a dress now – but hey – I’m here for you. And I’m a hypocrite because I bought my New Year’s Eve dress last Sunday.

I’m sorry.

Let’s get started – we can’t waste anymore time.

Zara Dress with Faux Leather Waist – $49.99

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21 Dec 2012

Beauty For Breakfast Pt. 10

teenvogue coach


Nobody loves perfume samples more than me. Seriously, no one. I’ve got this little bet with myself going on right now that I can continue collecting these samples and using them interchangeably until I completely run out and have to buy myself a full sized container of one of these samples. Currently I am using five samples, but luckily for me (just in time for the holidays) Teen Vogue has sent me two new samples for Coach Poppy and Coach Poppy Flower. Happy holidays to meeeeee!

I’ve actually got another sample of the Coach Poppy Flower and it is one of my favorite scents! It is both sweet and feminine and just light enough to not feel bogged down or overwhelming. It’s also a perfect scene if you’re looking to feel a little youthful, but not child like or anything like that. I’m going to see how long I can drag this out for.


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