Month: January 2013

31 Jan 2013

Free People Goes Artsy

I was unaware that Free People was making short films until now. This one called “Roshambo” also known as “Rock Paper Scissors,” stars one of my favorite characters in “Girls.” Oh yes, the darling and sweet Charlie. Marnie, you messed up. In this love story, “Charlie” is played by actor Christopher Abbott and he’s very much the romantic like his character in Girls except maybe a little harrier.

The short film highlights some pretty spectacular outfits, but also a pretty little love story in the process. The scenes are kind of out of sync, but I guess that’s the fun part because you get to decide if there are a series of flashbacks or a story of one’s relationship as a whole.


31 Jan 2013

Things I Want:

The Chef’n Strawberry Slicester

Remember when I recalled the story of how I learned how to buy kitchen appliances for the first time? I thought the task of cutting apples was going to be too trying for me so I bought an apple slicer that would slice the apple in eight perfect pieces when I pressed down on it. Turns out, I didn’t have the strength to operate the plastic appliance.

And I’ve fallen under almost the same trap once again. Look at this Strawberry Slicester! I’m not sure what the “Chef’n” is all about, but it gives the name a little bit of an edge. I’d love to try this out. I’d be well on my way to becoming the best home entertainer ever.


31 Jan 2013

Happy Birthday JT BB

Justin Timberlake turned 32 today and the best present that he could give us is his upcoming comeback.


31 Jan 2013

Tulip Fields By Normann Szkop

all photos by Normann Szkop

The last time I went to a tulip field here in Washington, I was a little girl along for the ride with my dad. I’ve always loved tulips and flowers in general, even floral prints! It’s a beautiful sight attending the Tulip Festival in Washington and it makes me a little sad that I haven’t been there in years. Seeing these photos by Normann Szkop of the fields over in the Netherlands brought me back a bit.

To see more photos, click here.


31 Jan 2013

Menswear Dog

I know…right?

Is this not the best thing to improve your Thursday and make it 10x better?!

Menswear Dog is who I want to be my next best friend. He’s a three-year-old Shiba Inu living in NYC and he’s got more style and swag than any other pet I’ve ever seen.

His Tumblr page is still pretty fresh, but his popularity is growing by the second. Boo, there’s a new dog in town now.

Although this Shiba Inu seems pretty happy sporting the latest garments, I do hope his owners do not make him wear the clothes for too long!

One of our friends owns a Shiba Inu and although he is a very cute and healthy Dog Itchy Skin does sometimes cause him some discomfort.

If your dog lives with itchy skin, you might want to consider introducing an Omega 3 supplement into their diet. You can learn more about Omega 3 for dogs at

29 Jan 2013

I Kind Of Wish I Were In A Sorority

Not really. But only if this happened to me. The ladies of Delta Delta Delta at the University of Southern California were graced with the presence of N’Sync’s JC Chasez serenading them with The Lumineers’ “Ho Hey.”

I don’t know why I like this so much, but …don’t act like you wouldn’t freak out in a situation like this. You would. Everyone would. Everyone would react more intensely if it may have been Justin Timberlake…maybe.



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