10 Jan 2013

Justin Timberlake To Release New Album

The rumors were a swirlin’ last night, but I wanted to wait until the morning for a full confirmation. Justin Timberlake, the dreamboat himself, will be releasing a new album that will be entirely produced by Timbaland this year.

The new single featuring Jay-Z will be released at noon today!



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  • bb pasta with goodness inside
  • Surprise! 4 day (birthday) weekend! 🎂
  • squintz
  • Happy first day of spring! It’s full of showers and we’re wondering when we can jump back into this swimsuit again.
  • Spontaneous sushi craving after work last night 👌🏽
  • Retired this sweater
  • The last of our travels are just around the corner and then we’ll be spending some quality time at home 💕
  • The appetizer to our brunch this morning at the newest @cafereveille
  • The countdown to my birthday is just 6 days away!🌟 and we’ve got butterflies!

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