Written by Katie
12 Jan 2013

Happy Saturday!


Good morning everyone!

This was my first full week going back to work after the holidays and what a week it was! It was packed with highs and lows and of course new learning experiences, but by Wednesday I couldn’t wait to get to the weekend that I would be spending focusing on myself. Last night I celebrated my best friend’s birthday in the good ‘ol homestead of Capitol Hill and strangely, being back there feels like I never even left. It’s home! I walk around in one night and can run into 10 different people that I still know in the area. Conversations about whether or not it’s going to snow at the crosswalk? Yeah, that happens. Trying to get by someone while walking on the sidewalk and the intoxicated guy turns around starting to say “Oh my gosh, you’re fine! I mean…are you okay? I’m sorry I don’t know why I just said that” makes me giggle.

Enough about my night though. Today is going to be a Yow Yow! focused day. The last time I had a day off and spent the day as a social media working girl, I absolutely loved it. So I’d like to try and do it more often if I can. Plus, tomorrow the Seahawks game and the Golden Globes are happening so…that will be taking up all of my time!

It is absolutely gorgeous in Bellevue this morning, but wherever you are whatever the weather may be, go ahead and take advantage of your day. Love your weekends. Seriously.

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