Woman Plans To Only Eat And Drink At Starbucks For A Year

I love Starbucks, I really do. I’m a Seattle native so it’d be crazy of me to not like it, but when it comes to what I just read this morning about another Starbucks lover, I am throwing in the towel. One woman named Beautiful Existence (seriously, that’s her name.) plans on only eating and drinking Starbucks for an entire year. This is probably worse than the Supersize Me guy because at least that was only for a month.

I feel so sad for all of the other great food that she could be eating that doesn’t come from Starbucks. Anyways, god speed to B.E. Being a Seattle local herself, she definitely has quite a few more options and stores to visit, but she certainly has a challenge ahead of her.

Of course, she’s blogging her entire journey here.

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