31 Jan 2013

Menswear Dog

I know…right?

Is this not the best thing to improve your Thursday and make it 10x better?!

Menswear Dog is who I want to be my next best friend. He’s a three-year-old Shiba Inu living in NYC and he’s got more style and swag than any other pet I’ve ever seen.

His Tumblr page is still pretty fresh, but his popularity is growing by the second. Boo, there’s a new dog in town now.

Although this Shiba Inu seems pretty happy sporting the latest garments, I do hope his owners do not make him wear the clothes for too long!

One of our friends owns a Shiba Inu and although he is a very cute and healthy Dog Itchy Skin does sometimes cause him some discomfort.

If your dog lives with itchy skin, you might want to consider introducing an Omega 3 supplement into their diet. You can learn more about Omega 3 for dogs at petparentsbrand.com.

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