Month: February 2013

28 Feb 2013

Family-Style Lunch For Students

One school in Philadelphia is testing out family-style lunches and the students love it! Not only is it teaching them manners at the table, enabling them to try new things, but it’s also teaching them portion control as well – something that is so crucial today as many kids are becoming obese at a younger age. I think this is such a great idea and I hope it expands to other public schools as well.


28 Feb 2013

McDonald’s French Fry Party

Kids are the best, aren’t they? I remember one time watching an episode of Arthur where his family dinner consisted of only French Fries and I was all “whaaaaaa…?!” Well these kids in Korea kind of did the same thing – a whole meal consisting of French Fries. This photo is just ridiculous.


27 Feb 2013

Teenagers Love Nicolas Cage

I’ve never heard of this High School Quiz Show, but these guys are hilarious.

I wish one of them would’ve said The Family Man. Now THAT is the best Nicolas Cage movie ever.

27 Feb 2013

Fashion’s Night Out 2013 – Hiatus

After three years, Fashion’s Night Out is going on an indefinite hiatus. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the event, Fashion’s Night Out is the one night in the year where consumers are invited to shop at some of their favorite retailers. Participating retailers extend their hours, hold events within their stores, and offer entertainment like delicious treats and indie music performances, while shoppers are expected to go nutz. Granted, we can shop any day – but why pass up on deals on deals on deals, right?!

Anyways, last year was my first time participating in Fashion’s Night Out and while I didn’t make it to the retailers, I did enjoy the fashion show down at Pacific Place. So why the sudden hiatus? Fashionista’s got the full scoop right here.

27 Feb 2013

Song of the Day

Anna Kendrick – Cups

Today’s Song of the Day is from the film “Pitch Perfect.” For some reason, this movie became much more of a hit when it was released on DVD back in December instead of when it was in theaters, but it’s totally an underrated film and I kind of love it…mostly because Anna Kendrick is just a bad ass.

Turns out the song has become such a hit, that they are bringing it to mainstream radio. Bad news? They kind of remixed it and… the poppy version is not as good as the original. (Is it ever?) The song hits radio stations March 26th.

Listen to it underneath the cut.

26 Feb 2013

Cover Of The Day

Alright, so is it a little bit corny that I enjoy listening to a new girl group on the rise? I first stumbled upon Fifth Harmony when I saw them cover Ellie Goulding on the X-Factor and now that the show is over and the group is continuing on, I’m even more excited. Move over One Direction – the phase of the boy bands will be over soon.


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