29 Mar 2013

Thank You!


Good morning!

Yesterday evening, Yow Yow! reached 700 subscribers and while I never openly get excited about these things, I actually am inside! Whether it is reaching 1,000,000 views or working with a new company or brand, or even gaining one more subscriber – these milestones mean so much to me. I’ll be honest with all of you – this year has not been a very good start for Yow Yow! for reasons that I don’t even understand, but that’s the norm with blogging. One day you’ll get a ton of views for a post that you didn’t put much time into and it will just be something that can’t be explained. Regardless, I’d like you all to know that Yow Yow is not going anywhere. Having a relationship with this blog for four years is something I can’t fathom, but what  a ride it has been. I still have so many ideas up my sleeve and while timing isn’t always right for them or the feelings might not be in the right place, I am still passionate about these ideas and hope to share them all with you someday.

Thank you so much to all of the people that I have worked within the last year. You’ve only helped me to become a better blogger. Thank you so much to my dear friends and family who read this blog – whether you tell me that you do or not, it means the world to me! And thank you readers for continuing to like my posts, return to this blog, etc. I’ve finally gotten into a groove with posting and can get through my 20 blogs on a daily basis (that used to be impossible while in school!) allowing me to go to sleep at a reasonable time.

It means a lot to me that I have this space to share with all of you the things that I love and the things and people that simply inspire me.

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