29 Mar 2013

Toy Stories

all photos by | Gabriele Galimberti

I was quite the collector and toy enthusiast when I was a small child. As kids, you don’t really have any perception as to how much these toys cost and I have to say that if I were my parents, I would be a little upset at me right now knowing that I was going through several phases of toys that would just be played out over a month. I’m looking at you Poo-chi – the substitute I had because I couldn’t have a real dog, or the Razor scooter. That toy is simply just a mode of transportation and let me just say that even then I wasn’t active enough for that. Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti spent 18 months traveling and capturing photographs of children with their toys from all over the world. The series is incredible and reminds me of my own childhood (and yes photographs!) with my Beanie Babies and Polly Pockets.

To check out the entire series, click here.


Posted on March 29, in People


  1. Brilliant photo! It’s quite inspired me to do something more interactive with locals while we’re on our travels.

    Posted on 3.29.13 · Reply to comment
  2. Amazing images. Love the concept.

    Posted on 3.29.13 · Reply to comment

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