Month: March 2013

28 Mar 2013

7 Reasons To Love Spring


Readers, no one is more excited than I am to see winter GONE. I have loved spring since the day that I was born, but there are 7 reasons that I am going to share with you today on why I am swooning over this season. Even though it’s all that I’ve ever known, spring in Seattle is gorgeous. I don’t know how I am ever going to part with it, but we don’t have to talk about that now – so let’s just get into the good stuff, shall we?

1. I (personally) get to dress better. While I love my layers, the worst part about winter is having to hide every outfit with a coat. Another reason? I’m too lazy to go to coat check. During spring, that just isn’t a problem. Bring a cover up, fold up a cardigan, and you are good to go. This season, I am thrilled to be bringing out my favorite dresses for the weekend and even in the office paired with a blazer. Some of my favorite dresses will be featured in just a couple of days for The Closet: March 2013 post.

photo cred | Refinery 29

2. The men are dressing better. Pastels, crisp shirts, lighter fabric – we like it all. Guys, need to know what to purchase for the spring? Check out Refinery 29’s guide here.

3. It’s the start of the wedding season y’all! Unfortunately, I have not been invited to any weddings yet this season, but I am assisting my co-worker in her side project of being a freelance wedding planner and I am ecstatic to be jumping into any sort of event planning once again.

4. The gorgeous views of the sun setting in Seattle from my home and Mt. Rainier! I can’t get enough of it.

5. My Mariners even though they’re not doing so hot right now, that’s okay.

6. Blogging on the go. What I loved about living in Seattle for the past 4 years is that I could take my computer with me everywhere and I have found that blogging in different settings whether it’s on campus, in a coffee shop, at a cafe, outside, etc completely gave me a new perspective. It affected the content that I was writing or the mood that I was in and naturally, I just loved moving out and about. You can do that in the spring, but in the winter, you won’t see me leaving the house to just blog.

7. Brunch – better yet, any meal outdoors. Enough said.

28 Mar 2013

Out on the Town: 4/1

photo cred | Seattle Met Magazine via Seattle Mariners

Last year, I felt so lucky to be able to attend two Mariners games. Now I know that isn’t a lot and that doesn’t make me a super fan by any means, but for anyone that knows me, you know that sports aren’t really my thing (they never have been) but take me to a Mariners game and you will have won my heart just like my dear friends and workplace did over the summer. Contrary to what some may think, I love baseball! I’ve been a fan since I was kid because let’s face it – we used to have a pretty stellar roster. Even more, I love eating at games (pretty much any type of event though) and now that I’m of age, I can also enjoy the dranks.

I am so thrilled this year for the possibility of attending even more games with my friends and that is something that is getting me a little bit more excited for spring/summer. The Mariners kick off the season this Monday against Oakland and while they won’t be at Safeco Field for their first game, the festivities are still on. Safeco Field will have an open house celebration that is FREE (admission and parking) and allows guests to watch the game on their new giant HD video board, which is the largest video screen housed of any ballpark in the Major League Baseball. Game starts at 7!

So very tempted to partake in this…


28 Mar 2013

Trendy Animals In Hip Clothing

art cred | Yago Partal

I know this looks a little bit ridiculous, but think of how rad this would be framed in your own home. It’s such a stand out piece on its own – I love it so much. Designed by Yago Partal, his new series Zoo Portraits highlights some of your favorite animals wearing trendy human clothes. It’s pretty clever and it kind of makes you think…what if, right? Maybe that’s just me though. Check out the entire series here courtesy of Flavorwire.

28 Mar 2013

A Roundup of Smaller Music Festivals 2013

At Yow Yow! we try to cover some of the larger festivals both across the country and even globally, but with so many festivals occurring and popping up every year, it can be hard to make sure all of them get their attention here on the blog. Luckily for us, the Urban Outfitters blog has got our back. Here are just a few of the lesser publicized festivals going on this year in cities across the country along with their lineups and respective posters.

28 Mar 2013

How Riding Your Bike Could Earn You Rewards

photo cred | GOOD

Cafes in Brazil are offering up some pretty great rewards for those who choose to ride their bikes to them instead of driving. If you show up on you bike, you could earn yourself a free meal or a free beer. Hi, sounds GREAT to me. When can this be implemented in the states? Also, then I can re-teach myself how to ride a bike again. This is a fantastic way for the city to become more conscious and to promote a mode of transportation that benefits everyone. Read more on how Brazil is implementing this idea here.

27 Mar 2013

What Does 2,000 Calories Look Like?

My co-worker and I were actually just having a chat about counting calories the other day. When I was a kid, a few of my friends had mentioned to me that they were part of programs and counting their calories so I wanted to join in too – to be mindful of what I was putting into my body, but also because I saw it as extra math or a puzzle. That really only lasted a day because I realized calorie calculators just weren’t equipped to measure the types of foods that I was eating. Hello Kitty Boo-Berry pop tarts and all that other stuff.



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