02 Apr 2013

How Will We Celebrate The 4th Of July In Seattle?

The 4th of July fireworks show  in Seattle has officially been cancelled and it is a sad day for all. I was out of town last year for the 4th, but nearly every year, I’ve always sat on top of the hill in Kirkland to watch the show. I’m direction impaired though so I wouldn’t be able to tell you if I was watching the Seattle or Bellevue show from where I was. Regardless, many locals celebrate with this event every year and it saddens me to hear that it just won’t be happening because of lack of funding. This year, the $500,000 show came up short in corporate sponsors and that is the reason why it has been cancelled.

One Reel has spent the past nine months trying to raise money for the 4th of July tradition. Despite a major fundraising campaign in March, the group only received $55,000 in donations.  Stone said everyone who made a contribution will get a refund.


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