Month: April 2013

29 Apr 2013

Adorableness For Your Evening

Who doesn’t love a good Sophia Grace and Rosie cover, right? The little darlings take on Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” on Ellen.

29 Apr 2013

Blurry Photo Of The Day

photo cred | Daily Mail

Anna Wintour and Marc Jacobs were caught donning the same Prada fur coat at last night’s premiere of Great Gatsby. Who wore it better?!

But seriously, this photograph is kind of adorable.

29 Apr 2013

The Foundry

Seattle is home to some of the most beautiful event spaces. Today, Herban Feast announced a new addition to the family – The Foundry – which will be used for intimate get-togethers and will hold anywhere between 200-500 people. Oh my goodness, I am loving this rustic look. How can I have the chance to see this in person?!

The Foundry is located at 4130 1st Avenue South, Seattle, 98134.


29 Apr 2013

Song of the Day

The Naked and Famous – Girls Like You

Have we posted this yet? I usually do a search on Yow Yow! when I’m not sure. Even though I did that, I still am not sure, but it’s a great song regardless.


29 Apr 2013

Wedding Mondays

I know I always say that every wedding video is my favorite, but seriously THIS is one of my favorites. Lindsey and Nate are a beautiful couple and this video has so many stand out moments…

1) Lindsey’s dress! One of the best that I have ever seen.

2) Nate crying as Lindsey walks down the aisle.

3) Lindsey’s brother and his speech

Happy Monday readers!

We’ve been hosting Wedding Mondays to kick off your week for quite some time now and while I love wedding videos, it is not fair of me to deprive you of the details! I typically find these videos on wedding blogs when they are being featured. From here on out, you will now have the opportunity to learn more about the couple’s story, the details in the wedding, and the GORGEOUS photos. So yes, I’m taking up a little bit more time on your Monday mornings, but it’s well worth it – here it is brought to you by Green Wedding Shoes.


29 Apr 2013

Proud Owner:

Yesterday, I finally had a chance to visit the new Aritzia store at University Village and though I went into it not wanting to be tempted by any of the pieces, I did succumb. I had been searching for a simple blouse that would double as something I could wear for work and a night out for quite some time and found what I had been looking for in their Wynwood Blouse by Tallulah. And yes, that scalloped hemline is as wondrous in person as you would imagine!

28 Apr 2013

Apartment Number 9

Jack Spade Sharpe Short

I have such an appreciation for men’s clothing. You would think that I would feel the same way about women’s clothing, but I don’t. It’s a much different feeling and one that I can’t even describe. There’s nothing better than a well dressed man – simply put. Nothing. Try me. I recently came across a men’s clothing site called Apartment Number 9 and ooh wee – you just know the type of guys that are wearing these pieces are the ones that make the ladies swoon.

[Did I really just say that?] Sometimes it happens. Anyways, with spring/summer coming into play, here are my favorite pieces from the site for guys!

Paul Smith Classic Fit Plaid

Relwen Canvas Field Jacket

28 Apr 2013

An Instagram Generation

When my friend Lauren was in town a couple of weeks ago she was telling me about how her sister’s boyfriend was somewhat of an Instagram celebrity. After seeing a few of his photos, I was convinced. There were these insta-meetups that he would attend with maybe a hundred people and all they would do is shoot photos together as a group. Well, I think you’d have to see it to believe it and lucky for us we get to have a peek with this video!


28 Apr 2013

Articles to Read Today

Typically when I go through my blogs every day, I am reading pretty short posts. Seeing an article come across my browser though is always kind of a refreshing treat. I found three this week that I thought were pretty interesting and wanted to share with all of you!

Mark Zuckerberg Joins The $1 Salary Club is an interesting piece on how CEOs reduce their salary for the greater good of the company and mainly because what their product does usually doesn’t involve making that much money to begin with.

We’ve also got another piece by the lovely Molly Young on Our Delusional Celebration of the Entrepreneur.

And my favorite! A study that followed 268 Harvard Undergraduate men beginning in 1938 on What It Takes To Live A Happy Life

28 Apr 2013

Thought Catalog Roundup

Something that really excites me about these posts every week (and I’ll only say it one time and one time only) is that if there is ever an inappropriate title, I will try to disguise it in the best way I know how. Now you know my secret! Some friends of mine have recently been telling me that these Thought Catalog roundups are a favorite of theirs on Yow Yow! because not only are they interesting reads written by 20-somethings, but they also help my friends find perspective in their own lives. And hey! They help me too so I’m glad that we are all mutually benefiting from this. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend everyone!

PS I also forgot to mention last week that when I select these posts, I also like to choose ones that are kind of controversial. You’ll know it when you read it!


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