08 May 2013

Capitol Hill’s Lost Lake

lost  lake

Today’s the day! Capitol Hill’s newest 24-hour cafe is opening up their doors and locals cannot wait to get a piece of it. We all know that I am a lover of all things opening on the first day and I will just happen to be in the area later this evening, but with the anticipation that has been building around this cafe, I’d say it’s a slim chance that we would be seated pretty quickly. Then again, because it is open 24 hours, maybe that will spread out the crowds. (but who are we kidding)

Lost Lake Cafe opens this morning at 8AM on 10th Ave between Pike and Pine -the prime spot for locals and the weekend crowd.

On the menu, expect $8 burgers, $15 steaks and drunk food like baskets of mac and cheese wedges and onion rings. It’s also always breakfast. Yes, you can eat pancakes and drink a rum and Coke. You are an adult. Kids, by the way, are also totally welcome.

Also, for you early birds and graveyard shifters, Lost Lake will soon be home to the Hill’s only 6a happy hour. $3.50 wells, $2 beers. Good morning.

With drinks and food all the time whenever you want it and a restaurant tied to Capitol Hill entrepreneur Dave Meinert, there is really no way this can fail.

By the way, can we discuss this enormous menu?