Written by Katie
08 May 2013

The Thorncrown Chapel

It’s been awhile since I’ve come across something so extremely breathtaking and as amazing as this. As a little girl, I always dreamed of having a wedding outdoors or maybe even in a vineyard though I have never been. I never thought my taste in weddings would align with chapels, but if they are as magnificent as this one, then I might have to change my tune.

The chapel, which can be found in Eureka Springs, Arkansas houses one of the few examples of organic architecture. Designed in 1980 by architect E. Fay Jones, Thorncrown Chapel provides some stellar views and follows a very organic design. The structure is such a wondrous piece that it is hard to believe that anyone or anything could think of harming it, but that is currently what the chapel is up against. Recently a power company has applied to construct a 48-mile high voltage transmission line that will put it right alongside the chapel in the woods where it is located. I hope that this structure can be kept safe and at peace in its tranquil home, but it’s tough to say at this point what will happen.



  1. amirhejazi wrote:

    Wow! This place has an interesting character to it….I’m not religious at all but i can feel the tranquility of this place through the photos.

    Posted on 5.8.13 · Reply to comment

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