Things I Saw At Quadstock Yesterday

You wouldn’t think that being out of college for a year and returning back to it would make such a difference, but it does. I had a very unique experience yesterday and I won’t ever forget it. I won’t ever forget it because I’m about to document the observations I saw in this post. Mind. Blown.

  • The realization that the age range of yesterday’s students were between the ages of 17  and 22. I was potentially 6 years older than the youngest person there.
  • A hot dog basking beneath a bush until the eater decided to come back to it. I didn’t wait around for that.
  • The 90’s making a comeback in fashion. Terribly.
  • A guy wearing leopard printed genie pants
  • White girl dancing. It never gets old.
  • A girl grinding on a guy (no this was not in a club – yes, this was on Seattle University’s campus with other adults around) and the guy just could NOT keep up. It was hilarious.
  • Students smoking…they are so young.
  • “You know how some people go through their awkward phase in middle school? Well…I think people go through it in college too. It’s happening right now. It’s like cool if you’re ‘doing you’ I respect that, but sometimes that’s just not good enough.” – said Me.
  • Graduated students. Myself included.
  • Myself connecting with my former colleagues rather than students. This is how you know when you’ve grown up
  • People dressing for Quadstock like it’s Sasquatch. Silly kidlets, that’s next weekend!

All in all, it was a great event. When Meghan and I left last night while Super Mash Bros. were still playing she turned to me and said, “Well last Quadstock ever.” and at that moment both her and I looked back over our left shoulder and took in one last look of the massive stage and the bright and colorful lights.

We laughed. “God, that was like a scene out of Girls!” – Meghan

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2 thoughts on “Things I Saw At Quadstock Yesterday

  1. Nars says:

    This was my first Quadstock, wondering what it will be like to be in your shoes in a few years :)

    • itsyowyow says:

      Congrats on attending your first Quadstock! I hope you enjoyed it. Quadstock in a few years to you or once you graduate will always be a little bit different, but I’ve been in the planning chair so that’s just a completely different perspective that I’ve had.

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