Written by Katie
21 May 2013

Recent College Grads Equipped With Advice


I noticed a slight trend today of articles posted on LinkedIn and all of them had to do with advice recent grads should take. Now in my last post, I discussed that advice should not always be taken in at once. For one, it’s too much information. Two, it’s not always applicable, but it will be when the “timing is right.” I can’t even begin to tell you how much I hate saying that last part and how much it has been said to me in the last few months, but in this moment right now, nothing seemed more fitting.

Whether it was a trend on LinkedIn or the fact that my talk is coming up and I am trying to solidify my material, every article I read today on this subject was beneficial. I wish that I had this advice when I came out of college. Would I have taken it as seriously? Probably not. That’s the problem that my professor  who’s class I am speaking to posed to me as a problem. Even though I would have this advice to give to these students, they may not see the value because they haven’t had the year of working experience that I have just had. Regardless, I do hope that my advice will spark something – a change, an opinion, or inspiration.

Here are the articles and posts that I read today:


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