CenturyLink Climber Captures Amazing Photograph

photo cred | Kiro

A mysterious climber in Seattle has caught the attention of local media outlets and Reddit recently  when photographs appeared of him  on top of Seattle landmarks like the CenturyLink Stadium and the Space Needle. Questions have been rising about the identify of this climber, how these photos were captured, and how he was even able to reach these spots deemed nearly impossible. Are these images real or were they digitally enhanced?! Will we ever find out? For now, I’d like to think that a local actually achieved this – kind of gives our city a little bit more street cred, doesn’t it? While the images are beautiful, officials are not taking this incident lightly and have since taken the necessary precautions to hopefully ensure that it doesn’t happen again and that everyone is safe.


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2 thoughts on “CenturyLink Climber Captures Amazing Photograph

  1. George Hardwick says:

    This is awesome!

  2. Reblogged this on Bhekumuzi Mguni and commented:
    Wow brilliant stuff!!!!!!!!!!

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