Wanting To Be Liked

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Remember the post I did not too long ago about social media anxieties? It’s been on the brain recently because I have found that it has such an impact on the way we carry on with our lives and it is affecting us at a much younger age than we even realize. I came across an interview today involving a 15-year old and her social media usage and it BLEW my mind. I found that her answer to checking her Facebook in the morning is typically how I would answer that question and we are nearly 10 years apart. However, when she describes what it means to have “likes,” I recognized what a problem this could be for her as she went on through life. A “like” in the social media world equates to validation and while we all know validation is necessary in life whether it be from a significant other, from family, from friends, or even a workplace, I have to wonder – does a “like” in social media add up to it? Will it be enough for this girl? What happens when we aren’t liked enough? Check out the interview here and please feel free to share your thoughts on it.

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2 thoughts on “Wanting To Be Liked

  1. Jayme Welch says:

    I have anxiety about social media anxiety. I just read the full article from the Huffington Post and based on what that girl said, I can’t help but feel completely afraid for the future generations. Texting while in the same room? Not knowing what else to do when not on phone/computer? We are losing our ability to communicate person to person. It’s almost like living more through the screen than in real life. Everything is now now now that we don’t even enjoy now.

    The only piece of hope I got from that article was that she is aware how much she uses technology and that it might not be such a good thing to be so addicted to it, and I think if we are aware of it, then we can find a way to balance it. There is a time and place for everything and, for example, a lunch date with your best friend is not the time and place to be texting on your phone to set up a dinner date with your other best friend.

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