31 May 2013

Best Business Card Designs

Concrete Business Cards

Are people still handing out business cards these days? That’s so lame! At least head to a site like rocketwristbands.com and get a cool custom wristband made with your contact info as it’s certainly a more memorable way to share details compared to plain paper. In my industry, I’ve pretty much built up a collection of them in my desk, in my jacket pocket, and in some of the most random places you could ever discover one. There are so many companies out there like Kaizen Print who are so brilliant at what they do, and allow you to design and print business cards easily, If you’re in London it might be worth checking out print services by IPW1 instead they provide similar quality services, but it is what it is. I’m not phased by them anymore, but that might be because I’ve never received a card that has stuck out in my mind. Granted, I don’t work with creatives, but sometimes I wish I did so that I could come across one of these! Still, there are a lot of good standard cards out there. People can go and find out here about how to get them done, as they really are an important thing for any company to have to hand. Whether it be with cardboard, paper, unique graphical designs, or interesting material choices, there is a lot that can be done with the medium to help you stand out. The sky is the limit – perhaps literally. Who knows if we’ll see some cloud-based cards for events in the future! In the meantime. these are some of the best business card designs as posted by Cool Material.

Yoga Mat Business Card

Check out the full list here.


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