Month: May 2013

30 May 2013

Will & Jaden Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro Rap And Dance

Good morning readers!

I can’t think of a better way to kick off a Thursday morning than this video right here. Disregard Jaden Smith trying to rap, but everything else is just great. If you’d like to LOL at Jaden Smith, start this video from the beginning. Otherwise, cut to 1:38 for the goods.

Other things to note – Jaden Smith – forever concerned.

Heather Graham – you’re such a good dancer!

Bradley Cooper also don’t care.

30 May 2013

America’s Secret Bars

Wilson & Wilson Private Detective Agency (SAN FRANCISCO)

No one loves discovering hidden spots more than I do in the city. Even though I’ve lived in and around Seattle for quite some time, there are still so many things I haven’t done and so many places for me to explore.  Cool Material recently wrote a post  highlighting some of the best secrets bars in America and if you’re traveling to some great cities this summer, you should definitely check them out! Unfortunately, Seattle is not on the list, but that’s okay – because we’re winning at a lot of other things…just not this…and definitely not basketball either.

Womp Womp.


29 May 2013

The Diet That Allowed Christina To Slim Down

When Christina performed her new single with Pitbull a couple of weeks ago at the Billboard Music Awards, all anyone could talk about was the singer’s incredible transformation! It seemed like just yesterday she was flaunting overly sexy outfits on The Voice, but flash forward to the award show and her dress was cute and fitted. Two words that we do not typically associate with Christina Aguilera.

So how did she do it? What’s her secret? If you know me at all, you know that I don’t pay too much attention to diets except for that one time I was slightly intrigued by juice cleanses. That lasted a day.

Apparently, Christina went on a dieting program that enabled her to lose 20lbs and spend just $1,394.69 on food a month. Now when you think about that number for a second, you might automatically believe that that is a pretty low price to pay for food. Kevin and I sat here trying to calculate if we actually spent that much on food for a month and we decided that it would be logical if it were for the two of us. Then again, we grocery shop; Christina doesn’t have to.

What’s on the menu for the songstress?

The meals include tasty options like pumpkin-apple quinoa oatmeal for breakfast, a chopped grilled steak salad with roasted tomatoes for lunch, and grilled ahi tuna with sweet potatoes and cauliflower for dinner with apple-cinnamon cheesecake for dessert.

Um, can we join the club too? In addition to a newly arranged diet, Christina is also weight training and practicing yoga. The singer will debut her new and refreshed look this coming fall for The Voice Season 5.


29 May 2013

Facebook Launches Verified Accounts

photo cred | Mashable

Facebook is following in the footsteps of Twitter, Airbnb, and Pinterest by rolling out verified accounts set to debut today! In this day and age where anyone can pose as someone else on the internet and the fact that the term “catfishing” exists, verified accounts are important and at times necessary. Now, when you like your favorite band, musician, celebrity or public figure you can be sure that the information they are posting on their pages is accurate. Similar to Twitter verified accounts, Facebook will also include that signature blue check mark next to the name of the page you are visiting.


29 May 2013

Full Time Blogger Vs. Full Time Day Job

photo cred | Song of Style

As much as I have loved running Yow Yow! for the past four years, I must admit that it was challenging to juggle when I was a full-time student and then also when I decided to pursue a full-time career. Yow Yow! though near and dear to my heart has always taken a back seat, but hey! we made it work right? We’re still kicking. We’re still alive. And we’re still trying to make things better as time goes on. When I was in school, I would always be updating Yow Yow! in the evenings whenever I finished my homework. Now when I’m off from my day job, Yow Yow! becomes my second job. It’s an interesting situation, but “it is what it is.” Fashionista recently interviewed one of my favorite style bloggers Aimee Song of Song of Style who is just like me! She, too, has a day job as an interior designer and has expressed that balancing the two roles can sometimes pose a challenge especially when her day job prevents her from opportunities. I recently ran into the same issue when I kept missing out on lunches with potential clients, but as always – if the relationship is meant to be – it will be. Feel free to check out the interview and get an insider look at how the both of us overcome these challenges, but how at the end of the day it is all still worth it.

29 May 2013

MusicFest NW 2013

Congrats to my former booking client PICKWICK! Way to rep Seattle along with the many others coming from our city.


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