Month: June 2013

30 Jun 2013

The Weekend: 5 Things

Finally, summer is here!

Other than Sunday, I spent most of the weekend outdoors in the sweltering heat…too hot for Seattle? What would I have done if I had been raised in Arizona or California?! This weekend was so full of food, drinks, and birthdays! Hooray!

On Friday, we surprised my dear friend Jennie with a birthday party at Manhattan and the most beautiful pink ombre birthday cake. Unfortunately, I didn’t snap a photo of it, but it was definitely something that you would catch on Pinterest.


We kicked off Saturday with a fancy brunch at Daniel’s Broiler! Who can guess my meal?

It’s a veggie scramble of course.

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30 Jun 2013

RIP Google Reader

Come midnight (late this evening/tomorrow early morning) Google Reader will be officially gone! Sad day, for everyone that has used the service to keep track of their blogs and news. Don’t be caught surprised though; make sure you are doing all of your transfers before midnight to save all of your favorite blogs easily. My preference of choice would be Bloglovin, but Kevin has also suggested using Feedly as well.

You can also stay up to date on Yow Yow by subscribing via Bloglovin here.

30 Jun 2013

Sephora To Launch 200 New Nail Polishes

This fall, the beauty retailer will unveil 200 new nail polishes! This new brand will replace the current lineup of Sephora nail polishes with OPI. The new line, called Formula X will include an array of colors, effects, and treatments.

There are 93 colors on offer, plus over 50 effects polishes in 12 different categories. There’s The Brilliants, disco ball-inspired multi-glitters; The Sparklers, 3-D metallic shimmers; The Celestials, matte metallics; The Superwatts, jelly glitters; The Chromes, liquid metallics; The Translucents, shiny sheers; The Holograms, holographic color shifters; The Transformers, illusionary topcoats; The Lusters, multi-sized glitter; The Shifters, shade-shifting duo-chromes; The Electrics, neon pearl and shimmers; and, our favorite, The Xplosives, matte confetti glitter that mimics a splatter effect.


30 Jun 2013

Thought Catalog Roundup

30 Jun 2013

Currently Craving:

photo cred | Cup of Jo

Happy Sunday morning! The weekend has flown by with birthday parties, Pride fest, and delicious meals, but more on that later! I am very much looking forward to the holiday week (ie. short week of work) and some extra snuggle time with Yow Yow! Yesterday, at Brunch I was re-introduced to my love of coffee cake and now it is all I want. I found this recipe on Cup of Jo, which I’m sure I could never make myself, but it’s nice to dream, right?

Readers, if you decide to try out the Raspberry Almond Coffee Cake, please do let me know how it turns out.



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