Written by Katie
02 Jun 2013

RIP Xanga

Before Instagram, before Twitter, and before Facebook, there once was a social platform that enabled all teenagers to unleash their feelings on a daily basis. For my friends and I – it was the woes of middle school. I haven’t accessed my Xanga account in nearly 10 years, but I can still remember how expressive my feelings were back then on the funny thing someone mentioned in gym class, how I decided to present on the negative side effects of Ecstasy on my health project, and how every day I managed to smack the kid below me in the head with my locker. It really was unfair for him to have a bottom locker especially since he was so much taller than me. Xanga was ridiculous, but it will forever remain to be a very cherished memory for me. I won’t miss it. Middle school days equal severe awkwardness, right? It was, however, probably the place where I first started blogging so I suppose it deserves some credit. In order for Xanga to stay alive, they need to earn $60,000 by July 15.

It was nice knowing you.



  1. @MurrayDG wrote:

    It’s weird hearing about dying sites or ideas that we have a connection to, huh? I put a ton of love into Posterous then it got killed after acquisition… Feels like your identity has taken a hit in a weird way. Cheers for the post

    Posted on 6.2.13 · Reply to comment
    • itsyowyow wrote:

      I completely agree! It’s a very weird feeling knowing that all of that will just be lost.

      Posted on 6.3.13 · Reply to comment
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