Dare You To…Depart?

Can you think of anything more adventurous than packing your bags, arriving at the airport, an pressing a button to determine your next destination?


Heineken is daring travelers to do just that. At JFK Airport, creative agency Weiden + Kennedy set up a fun game called “Departure Roulette.” With the push of a button, travelers were told to give up their existing traveling plans and accept a new one without knowing where it was first. Immediately, they would board their next flight and embark on a very spontaneous adventure. This is the type of thing we always dream of doing, right? So I love that this collaboration has enabled people to do that. I can’t tell you how many times in college where I was having a “boring Friday night” and I thought to myself, wouldn’t it just be nice to go to the airport and take a weekend trip to …somewhere. But let’s be real, I didn’t have the paper to do that nor do I have the guts, nor did I want my parents to be upset with me when they found out I had done that via Twitter.

Check out the rest of the article here and one example of a man who took the plunge!

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2 thoughts on “Dare You To…Depart?

  1. Bianca says:

    That sounds awesome! only if they compensate for canceled hotel reservations and all the fees that come with being spontaneous.

    • itsyowyow says:

      I was thinking that too! It’s nice that they cover part of the new trip though. That makes it somewhat better

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