12 Aug 2013

Wedding Mondays

Every week, I tell all of you that the video I am posting is “one of my favorites” or that it is one of the “sweetest that I have ever seen.” It’s not that I don’t believe it because I probably do, but just know that – this is like…my thing. I love wedding videos. They wouldn’t have it’s own day on Yow Yow! if I didn’t. But each video offers up something different. Something very unique and special and the ones that I select for Yow Yow have been watched carefully and thoroughly because I want to make sure that the videos I am posting are ones that I have a strong pull towards. I remember when I watched Nick and Laura’s wedding video for the first time. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. I absolutely loved their elopement in the woods, their very emotional first embrace, and their vows and promises to each other. It is nothing short of magnificent.

Along with this video is an incredible wedding post highlighted by Green Wedding Shoes that you can view here.

Posted on August 12, in People


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