17 Aug 2013

Real World’s 29th Season Goes Back to San Francisco

The MTV reality series is heading back to San Francisco for its 29th season and insiders are reporting that this could be the last season for the series. The return to San Francisco comes after the original debuted over 20 years before. However, according to sources, this season is the make-or-break season for the show as previous seasons have garnered less than ideal viewership. The show has also received criticism that the seasons have showed increased violence and less intervening from producers as we have seen in the last season in Portland where multiple fights broke out between the cast members without any repercussions.

I’ve always loved The Real World, but it’s apparent that the seasons have changed so much over the years and the cast members selected as well. To be honest, I have always preferred the classics like San Diego (the first time) and Hawaii as my favorites. I’ll probably still watch this next season though. What are your thoughts? Should the series be cancelled?



  1. B. wrote:

    I think it has run its course. I loved the older seasons much more — Boston, Seattle, Hawaii, Paris and San Diego being my last (and probably most) favorite.

    I have noticed with newer Real World seasons and with the spun-off “Challenge” shows, that no one seems to have repercussions for violence. Before, if you so much as smacked someone, you could be sent home. It also seems like they’re trying to throw as many diverse characters as they could possibly find into one house. I understand the approach of representing everyone, but I think they did a decent job of introducing unique stories over the course of several seasons, not packed into one.

    Posted on 8.17.13 · Reply to comment
    • itsyowyow wrote:

      I completely agree. It really just feels like they are trying to throw cast members together that couldn’t be more opposite as a result to try and drive drama and it’s not working. In the past, I enjoyed learning more about each individual and their stories.

      Posted on 8.17.13 · Reply to comment

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