21 Aug 2013

Lemolo Parts Ways

photo cred | North Kitsap Herald

When I was much younger, seeing a band break up was the first break up I ever experienced. I always felt in a way – not that I was responsible for it – but that maybe I could have done something differently. If only I had bought their album instead of recording their songs off of the radio with my cassette. If only I had gone to that one extra concert on a school night, would the band still have broken up? Probably. Young me just didn’t know any better. As I grew up and watched more and more bands break up I realized that it was a natural part of life. You break up with your significant other. You break up with your job. You break up with your hobby. You break up with your band and it is okay. What I’m saying is – Lemolo you had an incredible 5 year run – one that I have always stood behind. You were the definition of dream pop in Seattle and I absolutely loved  your songs. We will never forget you. Meagan and Kendra, best of luck to ya!

Meagan will continue on with Lemolo without Kendra and is currently working on new songs for which we can’t wait to hear.