22 Aug 2013

“Get Lucky” Surpasses 100 Million Streams On Spotify

I knew that I really enjoyed Daft Punk and Pharrell’s “Get Lucky” when I still loved it after it hit mainstream radio for months and was still playing on rotation. If all of my stations are playing something that I hate, but “Get Lucky” is on – I will make the switch. Why? Because the song is my jam. I love it and apparently so does everyone else in this world. The single finally surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify, which is a hot record by any single. Emerging bands and musicians will often dream of streaming numbers like these; those wanting to promote their music on the platform in order to kickstart their careers and get people talking about their music will often use services like upyourbeats to buy plays, streams and follows.

According to the band’s Spotify page (via MusicAlly), the total number of streams currently stands at 104,768,829. The next highest on the Random Access Memories album is Instant Crush featuring Strokes lead singer Julian Casablancas, with just under 15 million plays.

Daft Punk has got lucky on other platforms as well. The Official YouTube video for the track has, at the time of writing, 111,617,013 plays – which equates to 676 years of the track being played – and is receiving around 500,000 plays daily. It peaked at nearly 1.5m daily YouTube plays.


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