Month: August 2013

30 Aug 2013

Take Me There:

We are back to our regularly scheduled Take Me There posts after a stint on San Francisco and Seattle. Before I got my new job, I thought long and hard about how I would spend my time in transition. It was between taking a vacation for myself or throwing a going away party with my friends and family. I chose the party only because I know that I’ll have time for vacations later on in life. I’m definitely itching to travel, but these places and gorgeous sights aren’t going anywhere. The world isn’t ending tomorrow. So I’ll make time for this a little bit later on. I love this snapshot of Oia on the island of Santorini and can’t wait to visit it someday.


29 Aug 2013

Wedding Mondays


I apologize for missing Wedding Mondays this week! I was traveling and preparing for my move that I didn’t have time to include a video, but wanted to make up for it today with a wedding video that went viral! Now, it’s not what we typically see on Wedding Mondays, but I think that’s why we like it. Check out the footage from this Slow Motion Booth by Super Frog Saves Tokyo. We also like it because it features “Blurred Lines” – a song that tugs hard at our heart strings.


29 Aug 2013

Ariana Grande – Yours Truly

I usually feel a little guilty listening to albums before they are released, but in this case – we all know that I’ve been waiting for this album by Ariana Grande for a long time! I couldn’t wait for it to be released so … naturally it’s been on repeat all day long.

Ariana made her debut on Nickelodeon’s television series “Victorious” playing the bubbly character “Cat,” but it wasn’t long before we discovered that she could not only act, but could sing incredibly. Her voice has been compared to Mariah Carey and this summer she’s had a couple hits on the radio including “The Way” and “Baby I.”

To listen to her full album, click here.

My favorite songs off the album are:

  • Honeymoon Avenue
  • Baby I
  • Right There
  • Lovin’ It
  • The Way
  • You’ll Never Know
  • Almost Is Never Enough
29 Aug 2013

Short Term 12

Brie Larson is being featured in some pretty up and coming films this next year and I am so excited for her. I was a huge fan of hers way back in the day when she was on that sitcom Raising Dad with Kat Dennings and Bob Saget.

Short Term 12 is a new independent film that highlights the lives of foster kids and those that dedicate their lives to working with them. It’s a nice reminder that we often times disregard the situations that people are in or the situations in which people have come from. This is a story that I can’t relate to, but am interested in learning more about.


29 Aug 2013

GIFs Are Coming To Facebook

For quite some time, I have been thinking that leaving a picture for a comment on Facebook wasn’t sufficient enough for the emotions that I was trying to express. Sometimes you need to insert a GIF, but for the longest time, Facebook wouldn’t accept that. Well my favorite GIF site Giphy has finally found a way around it.

When wanting to post a GIF on Facebook, all you have to do is copy and paste the URL into the comment just like you would with any image and it will simply appear. Can’t wait to see these popping up on Facebook.


29 Aug 2013

How Do We Eat This?

I came home the other day to find a jar of Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter on my kitchen counter. I had always told Kevin that it was sold out every time we were at Trader Joe’s so knowing that fact, we knew that it was just something we had to buy when we had the chance. Talk about jumping on the bandwagon, right? Anyways, now we have it. But we’re not sure what to do with it! So I thought I would ask you all what you eat with the infamous cookie butter. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

29 Aug 2013

Where Does This Yow Yow Go?


Since I’ve announced my relocation, friends, family, and businesses that we have been collaborating with have been directing a very specific question towards me.

Where does Yow Yow! go from here? 

I’ve been thinking about this for a very long time, long before I even received my job offer  and I have considered multiple options on how to make a very smooth transition for the blog. I HOBviously am not ready to let this go. This summer, we’ve been working harder than ever on our collaborations, on original content, and even creating more personal posts to give you a better idea of who I am outside of the blog. All of these things have been so important to me. For four years, Yow Yow! has very much been a huge part of my life bringing my relationships closer to me through content and expression. As readers, you have seen me go through four years of college, graduate college, start my professional career, and now relocate to a different city! That kind of thing in the blogging world is just unheard of. Regardless, I am so proud of how far we have come. With that said, I would like to let you all know that Yow Yow! is not going anywhere!

There will be several changes made to the blog, but for the most part things will be the same. The varied content that you’ve been seeing for years will still be just as random and tailored to all things I still like and enjoy writing about. Yow Yow! will also now be based in BOTH Seattle and the Bay Area , which means yes – I will start over again and begin reaching out to and working with Bay Area and San Francisco businesses. It won’t be easy, but it’s a challenge that I am ready to accept (right now.) Additionally, since I will have my hands full becoming well acquainted with the Bay Area, I am leaving Yow Yow! in the hands of two people that will keep the blog running in Seattle. As you all know Veronica Lim has been my partner in working with Yow Yow! for quite some time  but moreso officially announced this past summer. The girl knows this blog like the back of her hand and can give you the most accurate description of what Yow Yow! does and what it stands for to anyone that asks. Seriously, I make her do this every time we meet with someone new that we want to work with and it blows me away. Another contributor that you will be seeing on the blog is Cameron Deuel who made his debut on Yow Yow! just yesterday with his pre-Bumbershoot review post. Together they will both cover Seattle related-news and expand on our music section with original content.

I am so excited to finally be having contributors on Yow Yow! especially during this important transition time for me. Thank you all so much for your continued support and we can’t wait to share with you what ideas we have for the blog in the future.

29 Aug 2013

Collaboration Preview:

Readers, yesterday I finally accomplished a long-time dream of mine by visiting the Nordstrom Wedding Suite and collaborating with them for Yow Yow! Veronica and I took a visit to the suite yesterday to learn about the designers they carry, how Nordstrom sets themselves apart from other bridal shops in Seattle, and how they go above and beyond for their customers.

Nordstrom is truly an exquisite retailer here in the Northwest and one that has a recognized reputation across the country and internationally. I am so proud to have collaborated with them before I left and cannot wait to share with you the amazing photos we took from our visit and our write-up.


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