Month: August 2013

29 Aug 2013

Performance of the Day

Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Schoolboy Q, and Hollis performed their single “White Walls” on Jay Leno the other night and it was spectacular. I feel very privileged that I have had the opportunity to work with all four of these individuals in some capacity.

29 Aug 2013

A Child’s Happiness And Birthdays

The next time it is one of your friend’s birthdays, just send them this video…because a child’s happiness is priceless – especially on a birthday.

What does this even mean, really? And why are there so many news anchors recycling this line?

28 Aug 2013

Facebook Introduces Shared Photo Albums

photo cred | Mashable

Never showing any signs of slowing down, our favorite social networking website introduced a new feature that probably won’t receive very many complaints – at least maybe not yet.  In the past, albums were only allowed to be created and administered by one person and could hold up to 1,000 photos. With the new shared albums, there can be multiple contributors. What’s the best way to use this album? I love the example that the article has provided for vacations and trips. The feature is also great because we all know that at events, multiple friends can play photographer at parties and it would be nice to have that variation in photographs in one album.

The new feature was created during one of Facebook’s hackathons – a term that is becoming a household name within startups as a period of time when all employees take a break from whatever they do normally at work to design something innovative for the company.

Starting this week, the feature will be released to a select group of English users followed by an expansion internationally.

Also at Yow Yow! we’re a huge fan of working with friends and promoting their work. This article was written on Mashable by a friend of mine and he did an incredible job with it!


28 Aug 2013

Chloe Grace Moretz Has Skills

A clip of Chloe Grace Moretz showing off her butterfly knife skills on Conan. I remember seeing her do this in the original Kick-Ass movie.

28 Aug 2013


Can I share something magical with you guys? I just discovered

So simple and so minimalistic yet this is the first I’m hearing about it.

Hello new time waster.

28 Aug 2013

Shailene Woodley x Flaunt Magazine


I’ll admit that I may have judged Shailene too soon when I watched her as a fresh-faced teen in her ABC Family series. However, I was impressed with her performance in The Descendants and looking forward to seeing her in The Spectacular Now. I think big things are coming up for this rising actress and we love these shots of her for Flaunt Magazine. Gorgeous.

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28 Aug 2013

Iconic 500 Days of Summer Bench Closed to Public

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about how I wanted to revisit some of the sights from one of my favorite movies 500 Days of Summer. Today, I learned some disappointing news that the iconic bench at Angel’s Knoll has now been closed off to the public due to state cutbacks.

Um, what?

Webb has expressed his sadness upon hearing of the closure, saying: “I don’t know enough about civic agencies, and God knows budgets are difficult things to manage, and, let’s be honest, maybe there are better things to spend money on.

“But you know what? I’ll miss my bench.”


28 Aug 2013

Bumbershoot Weekend Preview

This post was written by Cameron Deuel

Hello Yow Yow readers!

Before I get to the acts, I want you to know that I love Bumbershoot. My apartment is lined with posters from past Flatstock events, I feel a type of way when high school students mansplain why it falls second other festivals, and I essentially moved to Queen Anne to ensure a good spot in the entrance line.

I’ve attended consecutively for the past eight years and I’ve made plenty of great decisions in how I’ve spent my time at the festival. I’ve also made terrible mistakes and missed some pretty great performances that still haunt me. To combat this, I’ve spent the last three months compiling The Bumbershoot Project, breaking down each artist performing at this year’s Bumbershoot. After meticulously searching through the lineup, I’ve found several artists that I’m proud to share with you.

With these acts in mind, know that I highly recommend the festival in general. While the machine-gun flow of Kendrick Lamar or the baby unicorn mysticism of seeing the entirety of Transatlanticism performed live are obvious choices for tons of fans, understand that part of the excitement of Bumbershoot is the chance for haphazard discovery. I accidentally saw Patton Oswalt during my first time at the festival, which may be why I still openly worship Labor Day weekend and view the festival as a holy event, complete with Shishkaberry communion.

Here are my picks for your consideration and have an incredible time at the festival!


Dave B

Dave B

Saturday August 31, 2013 12:30pm – 1:15pm
Fountain Lawn Stage

You’re not wrong to be skeptical of a rapper simply named, Dave B. I was until I head his MCMXCII tape from last year packed with intelligent bars wrapped in quality production that shows a level of experience beyond his age. Dave B. won EMP’s Sound Off! 2013, a local competition for musicians under 21, which earned him a spot at this year’s Bumbershoot. Although, based on his confident delivery and impressive onstage presence, he would have been a likely candidate either way. Watch here.

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28 Aug 2013

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