Month: September 2013

30 Sep 2013

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oddfellows gnocchi

If there’s one thing that I have been missing the most about Seattle right now, it is definitely my most frequently visited restaurants back home. My fridge is pathetic and my weekend meals are just so sad haha I am not proud admitting this especially since I’ve been claiming that I am striving to be more of an adult. That’s not happening in the food department. Sometimes a girl just wants her Oddfellows and their gnocchi with roasted mushrooms, arugula, horseradish creme fraiche.


30 Sep 2013

A Piano on Bernal Hill

Exciting things are always happening in San Francisco I have learned. This morning, I found myself captivated in this piece about a group of people setting up a piano on Bernal Hill for the public to use and it was beautiful – not to mention the view that the piano gets! Amazing!


30 Sep 2013

Wedding Mondays

Happy Monday morning! Would you believe that this is our 50th Wedding Monday?!

This past weekend, my friend Mandi asked me how I selected videos for my Wedding Monday series and I’m not sure if I’ve ever actually disclosed that. To put it simply, I read several wedding blogs – like I do many other blogs. Some are on rotation by monthly basis and my favorite ones on the daily (but as of late – weekly!) I watch a lot of videos, but that doesn’t mean that I love all of them. Some videos definitely speak out to me more than others. When I find a video I like, I put it into a queue and as each Monday comes by, another video is up and ready to be posted. If you’ve ever wondered how it is we’re always so prepared for Wedding Mondays that’s because we’ve got a list of videos ready to be shown! Do I ever worry that I may become too picky and will reach the end of my queue without a video waiting? Always.

But onto the video – Congrats Parker and Erin! We really love your style and the incredible soundtrack to this video!

30 Sep 2013

Pinterest Game Changer?

pinterest mail

I received a surprising notification email from Pinterest today – one that I haven’t seen before in the past. It looks like the social media website is now notifying users of when pinned items go on sale, which is a total game changer! In the past, I have read about previous start-ups that have enabled this kind of tool and resource, but now it looks like Pinterest is doing it in-house which could wipe out the other competition. As someone who pins items often, but never goes back to them, the email servers as a nice reminder they they a) not only exist again but b) that the price has been reduced and maybe I should pick it up before I lose my opportunity.

With this new notification, it looks like Pinterest is taking steps in the right direction to collaborate with retailers.


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