31 Oct 2013

Electronics Can Stay “On” During Flights

It was announced this morning that the FAA has finally given permission to passengers to use their personal electronics throughout the duration of their flight. I didn’t always understand why I had to shut off my phone at the beginning and end of my flight, but I did it because it was just a rule and I didn’t think to question it. I will say, however, that my pet peeve with it was having to shut it off right in the middle of my songs. Now I’m glad to learn that I just don’t have to.

The decision couldn’t come soon enough.The ill-conceived electronics ban started back in 1991 when both the FCC and the FAA restricted airplane cellphone use, largely because no one actually knew what a cellphone was, much less how they actually worked. Better safe than sorry. A year later, though, they ran actual tests to see if there there was any valid argument for their blind terror. Surprise! There wasn’t.

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