Month: November 2013

30 Nov 2013

RIP Paul Walker

I was at dinner this evening when I learned that Paul Walker had passed away at age 40.  Known for his stint in a string of teenage rom-com movies like She’s All That and the Fast and the Furious franchise, Paul was a dreamboat for the girls of the 90’s and the equivalent of our Liam Hemsworth. We are saddened and shocked by his death from a car accident and are sending prayers to friends and family affected. Paul leaves behind his young daughter Meadow.


30 Nov 2013

Mercedes-Benz R&D Unveils New HQ In Sunnyvale, CA

all photos via NotCot

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m not really a big “car” person, but that the sole reason why I’m writing this post at all is for a look at the new HQ in Sunnyvale – which you just know is going to be amazing. For quite some time now, I’ve been fascinated by how companies are re-branding their offices and providing a more modern look for their employees. In the 90’s that wasn’t even an option. Your office was going to be rows and rows of cubicles and you were going to be in one. I’ve been really lucky to have the experience of being in two open-floor environments (as well as a cubicle) and I am NEVER going back. I actually didn’t see whether or not the Mercedes-Benz HQ had one or the other, but the details that went into this office are a must-see.

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30 Nov 2013

Performance of the Day

So I like listening to Fifth Harmony, okay? Their EP is only packing like five songs, but it’s still an enjoyable listen. This is the first time that I’ve heard them perform this song at all live and acoustic and… it’s pretty great. These girls slay.

30 Nov 2013

Rainy Pot

I recently obtained a succulent from my co-worker and set it at my desk at work. It only lasted three weeks, but I’m still convinced that I have the potential to raise a blossoming one without it dying. I came across “Rainy Pot” while blogging recently and perusing Not Cot and thought this was just the most darling idea. Not only is it space efficient, but I like the idea of the water raining on the plant itself. Seattle wins my heart every time. Unfortunately, you are only able to pre-order this nifty product from South Korea right now and its likely to be pretty expensive because of shipping, but if you’re interested here is where you can find it.

29 Nov 2013

Blog Roundup

  • The world’s largest Ferris Wheel will be built and live in Staten Island, New York. [Source]
  • How to saber a champagne bottle [Source] I watched my co-worker and his roommate do this and it was awesome…but also awesomely dangerous so don’t attempt if you think you can’t.
  • Former Seattle Real World castmate Irene tells the true story from her season. [Source]
  • A $4 spaghetti recipe that tastes as good as the $24 one. [Source] I’m all about those life hacks. 
  • The best ice cream spots in San Francisco via Thrillist– however my co-worker Sheila would not agree with this list and I take her opinion on ice cream pretty seriously.
29 Nov 2013

New York Ramen Maps

For anyone moving to a new city, a guide can sometimes serve as a very helpful clutch? But what’s more helpful than just a guide of sights? A guide towards your favorite kinds of food. Now I’ve never been to New York City, but I’ve heard that the designers behind this Ramen guide have also created one for burgers and doughnuts in New York City. It’s $8 and somehow I feel like I’d rather use this than stress over Yelp.



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