Famous Photos Reimagined As Selfies

I’ve had an interest in selfies for a couple of months now. I refuse to take them unless it’s through Snapchat and the one time I actually published a selfie was with with my best friends on Facebook. It was silly. I was trying to investigate a few questions with regards to selfies though- what are people thinking when they take one and how do they expect other people to react. What comes to mind may be an ere of being “self-absorbed,” but then I thought, bloggers do the exact same thing in better form when they post photographs of their outfits. The major difference is that a selfie is much more up close and it’s got those angles. I don’t think I’ll ever come to a conclusion about them, but I suppose I’m okay with that.

Lowe South Africa developed a campaign in which they reimagined famous photos as selfies. As much as I hate the idea, there’s no doubting that these photos are mesmerizing.


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One thought on “Famous Photos Reimagined As Selfies

  1. wilddarts says:

    haha love these!!! so creative!

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