30 Nov 2013

Mercedes-Benz R&D Unveils New HQ In Sunnyvale, CA

all photos via NotCot

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m not really a big “car” person, but that the sole reason why I’m writing this post at all is for a look at the new HQ in Sunnyvale – which you just know is going to be amazing. For quite some time now, I’ve been fascinated by how companies are re-branding their offices and providing a more modern look for their employees. In the 90’s that wasn’t even an option. Your office was going to be rows and rows of cubicles and you were going to be in one. I’ve been really lucky to have the experience of being in two open-floor environments (as well as a cubicle) and I am NEVER going back. I actually didn’t see whether or not the Mercedes-Benz HQ had one or the other, but the details that went into this office are a must-see.

Diamond Grille Cafeteria

I love that these conference rooms provide bench seating as well. Employees were asked to submit ideas for room name suggestions which were voted on.

Each floor has its own color theme. Pictured above is their juice bar with all the fixings and magic bullets. On other floors, you’ll find coffee areas and ice cream!

For a closer look at the office and more photos, click here.

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