30 Nov 2013

Rainy Pot

I recently obtained a succulent from my co-worker and set it at my desk at work. It only lasted three weeks, but I’m still convinced that I have the potential to raise a blossoming one without it dying. I came across “Rainy Pot” while blogging recently and perusing Not Cot and thought this was just the most darling idea. Not only is it space efficient, but I like the idea of the water raining on the plant itself. Seattle wins my heart every time. Unfortunately, you are only able to pre-order this nifty product from South Korea right now and its likely to be pretty expensive because of shipping, but if you’re interested here is where you can find it.


  1. Hi, I’m Seungbin who designed this product.
    The Rainy Pot was just started to sale in some countries:)
    Here are the web addresses.

    Australia: http://www.notagoceania.com/#!rainy-pot/c10he
    France: http://place-a.com/product/nuage-arrosoir-rainy-pot-by-seungbin-jeong
    UK: http://www.notaguk.com/#!rainy-pot/c10he
    USA: http://www.notagusa.com/#!rainy-pot/c10he

    NoTag is our official worldwide distributor.
    There are many great design items from Korea, so I hope you guys have a great time in the stores.
    Please email me any time if you have any questions:)

    Thank you so much!

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