Look We Love:

In nearly every performance we’ve ever seen her in, Ariana Grande has always had her hair up in her signature ponytail. For this past weekend’s KIIS FM Jingle Ball, the songstress finally let her hair down for a more relaxed look…and we are loving it! The concert was full of technical difficulties for every artist with Ariana’s mic being completely turned off for her performance of “Right There,” but despite that, Ariana continued to sing and perform just in case the mic did turn on. Selena Gomez, however, wasn’t as lucky with her performance in which she was noticeably lip synching and dropped the f-bomb into the mic when she thought it was turned off.

I just don’t know why pop singers have to lip synch at all. #TeamAriana always.

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2 thoughts on “Look We Love:

  1. egoh says:

    I love how her dress is all white instead of having red!

  2. Reblogged this on my name is alexis and commented:
    i find Ariana grande as one of the most beautiful girls. she isn’t afraid to be who she is, even when she receives cruel and unusual comments. She is role model.

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