Bree surprised me on Friday night by inviting me to the Seahawks vs 49’ers game in San Francisco! I was the most excited Katie especially since I had never been to a hawks game back in Seattle and this was the game to watch this weekend as both teams are pretty heavy rivals with each other. In just the three months that I’ve been living here in the Bay, I’ve had so many firsts and I’m glad that this was one of them! On top of just being at the game and being pumped for that, I had two friends from Seattle that were visiting and at the game as well. It’s always nice to see familiar faces in a new city and they were such sweet reminders of being home.

I didn’t get any smack talking from anyone personally, but when I was with the boys some really sketchy aggressive dude came up to us and was just like “Today is not your day” to which Brandon responded “Well, it was our day 11 out of 12 weeks tho! 49’er fans… your talk is weak. Since I didn’t have any Seahawks gear, I didn’t stand out very much except when I was 1 of 4 cheering in my section for the Seahawks. I think my parents worry about me sometimes because they have no idea how they possibly raised a daughter with a mouth on her hahah but I was in a sea of red so I zipped up!

Attending my first game was quite the experience, but it was cold. We lost. And it doesn’t always feel that great to be rooting for the opposing team when you’re on the home turf. Additionally, I couldn’t see anything so next time maybe I’ll just stay at home and watch in the comfort of my own living room. I’m so glad that I can say that I went though. It was incredible! I do, however, want to go to a Seahawks game when I’m home because I’ve heard those are much more fun.

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