Wedding Mondays

No, I haven’t forgotten that today is Monday and that there is supposed to be a wedding video. There’s no way that Jennie and Ashley would ever let me get away with that and I know so because Jennie snapchatted me that she was watching wedding videos and Ashley posted on my Facebook wall as a reminder. Every Monday, I am thinking about these two and when I select videos for this feature I’m keeping them in mind. Girls – you won’t be disappointed with this one. It brings me to near tears every time (but seriously, what wedding video doesn’t anymore?)

Every time I hear this song, I associate it to one of those Twilight movies which makes me not enjoy it, but Twilight aside – it’s a very sweet and romantic song and perfect for this couple’s story and wedding in Paris. Jenny wears two dresses in this video if I’m correct or one dress might just have a top overlay, but regardless – she styled it amazingly.

And here’s the accompanying post from Style Me Pretty!

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One thought on “Wedding Mondays

  1. worldofparis says:

    This is the most gorgeous wedding video I have ever seen!

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