The Temple (@Burning Man)

I’ve known about Burning Man since I lived in Seattle, but until I moved here, I didn’t realize just how many people I would know that actually attended. In fact, I have several co-workers that go every year and since finding that out, I’ve been a little bit curious. I have so many questions. What is it like to go? What do I need to know before I go? How expensive is it really? What types of people attend? I’m sure I’ll never fully be equipped with all the answers I need if I ever decide to go, but that might just be the whole point of Burning Man – to go into it without really knowing. Doobybrain posted this video about The Temple and there was something about it that seemed magical to me. I feel like I need to see it myself, in person.

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One thought on “The Temple (@Burning Man)

  1. I would love to go some day…

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