Month: February 2014

28 Feb 2014

Currently Drinking:

At our office, we have a little something called “Drink of the Month.” Since the first day I saw this drink in the fridge and its first day in our office, I have been hooked. I drank it on a daily basis for two days and realized that the caffeine may have been a bit too strong for me. I found myself getting some mini headaches throughout the day, but after a couple of weeks have passed, it seems like I’ve been able to develop some sort of a tolerance. We also have the Tea’s Tea Matcha Green Tea Latte version as well, but that tasted kind of chalky to me. This Black Tea Latte version tastes so similar to Milk Tea itself and I think I am slightly addicted. Mom’s not going to be happy about this – I can already tell.

28 Feb 2014

A Map of Hip America

Some may call it a nightmare or annoying to have lived in a hipster nation for four years, but can I just say – I loved every second of it? The Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle is one place that I cannot shut up about. My only qualm with it recently is all the basic people that have started to overrun it around the time when I left. I’m a music snob and I’m somewhat of a hipster snob, unfortunately. At the end of January (good lord, it has taken me about a month to write this post) Kevin sent me this Gawker article about where to find neighborhoods like my favorite Capitol Hill all over the country.

Who wants to plan a road trip? I need to be with my people.

Check out the article here! Do you live in any of these places? Are they really that hipster? Did the Gawker do a good job or did they disappoint us?

27 Feb 2014

In Engagement News Today…

Girls’ actress Allison Williams (25) who plays “Marnie” on the show is engaged to her boyfriend of three years Ricky Van Veen who also happens to be the co-founder of College Humor. The two met through mutual friends. Marnie’s love life on the HBO series hasn’t always been as seamless as we had hoped it to be, but we’re thrilled that she’s in love in real life!

Additionally, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are ALSO engaged! They were never really my favorite couple in television, but we love Mila Kunis so if she’s happy – we’re happy. She stepped out recently with a rock on her finger and E! finally confirmed today that she is indeed engaged.

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27 Feb 2014

Kanye West Medley

I heard one Kanye classic over the weekend and it has pretty much turned my week upside down. On repeat, Kanye West. Literally, I searched him on Spotify to pull his tracks and am just going down the list listening to all of my favorites. I’m not sure if it was coincidence or what, but Kanye also just happened to be performing a medley of his songs on the premiere week of Late Night with Seth Meyers as well. Now I’ve heard that the premiere week hasn’t hit it off as well as Jimmy Fallon’s transition to The Tonight Show, but  I wanted to give this the benefit of the doubt. I like Kanye, but this entire performance seemed so unnatural to me. The transitions of the songs weren’t smooth. They actually seemed awkward and I felt like I could have created a replica of something like this on my own Spotify playlist by just listening to bits and pieces of his songs. It’s disappointing, but then I remember that I’m even more disappointed that he’s getting married to Kim Kardashian.

27 Feb 2014

Hipster Beard Transplants

You’ve heard of hair transplants, where balding men go through a neograft hair transplantation process to give them that confidence back. Well, now hipster beard transplants are the subject of one of the most interesting things I have read this week. Why is it that we love them so much? Does it make a guy instantly cool? Do girls swoon over them so much that we forget just how itchy/scratchy/scruffy they can become. Seriously, it has the ability to irritate a girl’s face, but yet we’re willing to take that because of how good it looks? Yes.

Men are desiring this look so much that they are ready to shove out $3,000-$7,000 to gain a little more facial hair and to become a little more hip.

Let’s get to the science of things. How does one acquire a hipster beard via transplant?

The doctor takes hair from the patient’s head, then implants it using micro-incisions on the face. This is done under local anesthesia and takes about eight hours. If the man is balding and would rather preserve what little hair he has left, this process can also use chest hair.

Once the hair is implanted, it will fall out. But, the idea is that the root remains in the man’s face and continues to grow into a full beard.


26 Feb 2014

Currently Craving:

It’s pretty rare for me to eat breakfast outside of the office during the work week, but this morning I woke up with a very intense craving for a Tomato and Cheese Square (formerly called croissant) from Starbucks. Back in Seattle, I used to have this for breakfast once a week. It’s basically having a slice of pizza in the morning, which is not the worst thing in the world, right? I feel silly for saying that I want breakfast from Starbucks since it’s not something they specialize in, but the sweetness of the sauce and the flaky pastry are enough to get my mouth watering. My former roommate Heather is a Starbucks employee and when the company announced their collaboration with La Boulange, she mentioned to me that she had the opportunity to sample a lot of the food items before they were released. The reason why the squares are so tasty is because they include a hint of wine in them. Yum. I’m forgoing the coffee this morning and picking up myself a square.

25 Feb 2014

Song of the Day

MAX – Mug Shot

So I have this thing for Nickelodeon/Disney stars and I’m sure most of the people in my life would think this is embarrassing, but I’m not ashamed in the slightest. Max Schneider was on this Nickelodeon show that I watched every now and then called How to Rock back in 2012, but since the show was taken off the air, I followed some of his YouTube covers and enjoyed him enough to want to keep some tabs. This song featured above is actually in the trailer for the new Veronica Mars movie so it gets some street cred, doesn’t it?


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