28 Apr 2014

Wedding Mondays

I know what this looks like. It looks like I completely forgot Wedding Mondays. The honest truth is that I scoured my wedding blogs this entire week and even until the end of today to see if there was a right wedding video to select for the series. There wasn’t. I watched a handful from this week and none of them were up to the standard that we hold for Wedding Mondays. I even watched one video right before writing this post and within the first 10 seconds had to shut it off because it was being narrated by a preachy officiant. I really don’t enjoy wedding videos that start off like that or officiants that shout at their guests.

This is the first time in a long time that we haven’t been able to feature a video on Wedding Mondays and while I’m disappointed that I didn’t have anything to give today, I’m not willing to sacrifice the quality of this series by giving you a video that I actually don’t love. We’ve seen so many amazing wedding videos from this and to showcase one that is anything but doesn’t seem right. I hope that there will be a video that I come across that we can use next week. Until then, here’s a really good looking wedding that took place in Seattle with details that I absolutely love.

1. Geronimo style balloons

2. Tassel garland

3. Pastel color palette

4. Letters done pinata style

Well done, wedding.

For all the photos, click here to see the feature at Green Wedding Shoes.

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  1. notsocrazymichelle wrote:

    Well..when we’re together this summer, we’ll get you all queued up.

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    • itsyowyow wrote:

      need some serious help lol at your username

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